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The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of our website is governed by these Terms of Use, as defined in Greek Law (Law 2472/1997, as applicable and the provisions of a regulatory nature) and the Decisions, Instructions and Regulations of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr). These data, subject to the following paragraph, are not disclosed to third parties, with the exception of the implementation of relevant legal dictates regarding their disclosure to the competent Authorities only.

PROVENCE keeps the above information on file and processes it for communication, statistical and improvement purposes of its products and services. By using this website, the visitor/user gives his consent to PROVENCE, to use this information by PROVENCE or by its affiliated companies. PROVENCE is entitled to transmit the personal data to its affiliated companies in Greece and abroad for the purposes of operational and computerized service of our business relationship or for statistical or historical reasons, as defined in L. 2472/97.

PROVENCE is also entitled to disclose my personal data to third parties for the advertising promotion of PROVENCE products or businesses with which PROVENCE has a partnership, and the remote promotion of its own products or services. This website includes special links (hyperlinks, banners) to other websites visited by the visitor/user of their choice and which are under the responsibility of third parties. In the event that the visitor/user directly discloses their personal data to third parties, PROVENCE does not bear any responsibility regarding the use of the aforementioned personal data by said third parties.

For this reason, it is the responsibility of the visitor/user to carefully study the relevant terms of personal data protection, before disclosing personal data to third parties via the Internet. PROVENCE is not responsible for the terms of management and protection of personal data, followed by these websites. 

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