2006 - 2022 - 16 years Provence Deli

The main objective of GEORGIOS KYRIAKOPOULOS - provence is to provide fine and safe products based on the requirements of its customers and consumers, while at the same time taking care of the timely prediction and detection of risks in the food it trades. For this reason, the company implements a Food Safety Management System.

The main objectives are:

§ Cooperation with reliable and consistent partners

§ Food is always handled correctly to reduce risks.

§ The full compliance of those involved with the applicable legislation.

§ The strict observance of hygiene rules by the staff.

As part of this effort:

1. the Food Safety Management System that has been developed in accordance with the ISO 22000:2005 standard is strictly observed, for the cutting and packaging of cheeses and cold meats and for the marketing of food under refrigeration and at ambient temperature,

2. all Procedures are followed to the letter,

3. there is continuous training of the staff in matters of hygiene and food safety,

4. the applied system is continuously verified by carrying out internal inspections and laboratory analyzes of food,

5. all critical points and prerequisite programs of the production process are monitored,

6. the required resources are ensured for the maintenance and updating of the System, the improvement of the facilities and infrastructure and the working environment,

7. communication channels with suppliers and authorities are maintained and

8. customer comments are taken into account to improve the products we offer them.

At the same time, measurable goals have been set regarding product safety, which are constantly monitored for their achievement.

All of the above ensure the realization of our desired goals and make us feel confident about the products we offer you.



The general manager
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